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“Breaking down barriers and empowering communities through creative  expression”



At HTX Art, we envision a community in which everyone has access to the knowledge, inspiration, comfort, enrichment, and cultural complexity of the arts. As the regional collaboration point and hub for arts in North East Houston, we will be a leading force in nurturing art in all its forms for the people, organizations, and businesses of this area, both as a presenter of the arts and as an inspiration for the arts to help people flourish in our community. 


  • We believe that the lives of all people and the quality of life in the communities in which they live are enhanced by the presence of the arts. 

  • We believe that partnership with other organizations is critical to the sustainability and enhancement of arts and cultural experiences in our community. 

  • We believe that all people, businesses and organizations deserve access to arts and cultural experiences in their lives and the benefits that they provide. 

  • We believe that the presence of the arts in our community is a powerful economic development asset to recruit and retain community members and visitors.

Meet The Team



I am a proud mom of 4 amazing boys . 



I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.



Hi! My name is Noe D. Moreno. I am an avid book reader and enjoy music while I read.

I love seeing the kids proud faces when they create something. Confidence is an extremely important thing to have. Making art helps build up confidence and is a huge factor in a child's development.

I'm the sounding board for my parents. If they have an idea for a project or event, we'll talk about it and plan talk logistics.




I am working to learn accounting and creative writing. I enjoy the community growing because of our efforts.

I like to research the best ways we can use our resources to help our mission.


Norb Jr. 


My name is Norberto Moreno. 

I’m 14 years old and the 3rd born out of my 4 brothers.I love to spend time outside and go on bike rides.

Something magical to me is the look of shock and excitement on the children’s faces when they enter the Art Bus.

I’ve been picking up the role of marketing, commonly asked for help or my thoughts on a design or post. It has been a lot of fun to bounce ideas off my mom and help create better designs and promotional material.



Hello I'm Joshua Moreno I usually speak for the bus I tell you about what we do how we do it why we are doing it and lastly about the bus and what's  happening on the event or just what happens that day, I am the youngest of the four children, and I like to play games listen to music and read, and that is about me.