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 Currently we have many murals painted by talented Houstonians and artists of many backgrounds and experience. We believe it is important to be inclusive and diverse in the arts. One of the murals was painted by local high school students of Northline YES prep instructed by their teacher, Michael Healey.


Serenity Shade

We are working towards creating a space for residents and visitors to safely and comfortably experience the art while shaded by colorfully designed shade sails. 

Shade sail_edited.jpg

Vegetable Garden

We are looking for volunteers to help us build and plant flower beds for the Art Garden. We plan to use this space to promote healthy eating and community engagement.

Vegetable Garden

Upcycle Sculptures

The garden will also be used as a space to address issues such as illegal dumping in Houston. We aim to educate and inspire the community through upcycle workshops.

upcycle art.jpg
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