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The  Journey

HTX Art and HTX Art Studios were founded by Roni Cabrera and her husband Norberto Moreno, driven by a passion for art, community, and representation. With the unwavering support of their four children—Noe, Amadeo, Norberto Jr., and Joshua—this family-led initiative seeks to make a positive impact on artists and underserved communities.

Roni, an accomplished artist with expertise in murals, canvas, body painting, and community arts coordination, has a long history of contributing to events like Sabor de Northside. Norb, specializing in IT, with a love for live music and experience in AV installation and live sound, shares Roni's commitment to community and a desire to address the challenges faced by artists and underrepresented communities.

In 2020, they transformed an old bus into a mobile art studio, taking art directly to underserved communities. The following year brought recognition from international singer Kelly Clarkson and HEB, leading to a grant that enabled them to establish an art studio in Roni's childhood neighborhood. They opened HTX Art in the Heart, a two-story building dedicated to uplifting the community, fostering civic engagement, and celebrating art.

Through this journey, they recognized the power of community-based work and, in response, established Art in the Heart, a non-profit dedicated to providing the benefits of art to underserved youth and the community at large. Today, HTX Art focuses on uplifting neighborhoods through art installations, fostering civic pride and a sense of community.

HTX Art Studios emerged as a solution to provide accessible spaces for artists to work and collaborate, realizing a vision for art in Eastex Jensen and Houston. Join us on this visionary journey as we continue to create, uplift, and inspire through the transformative power of art.

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