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Studio Members

Step into the dynamic world of HTX Art, a collaborative hub where artists with diverse talents and professionals seeking a community-based space come together to weave creativity and innovation into the fabric of the Eastex Jensen neighborhood. Nestled in the same building as Art in the Heart, a non-profit launched by the founders of HTX Art, our studios serve as a lively, communal space for artists and professionals alike to explore and refine their craft. Through quarterly meetings, our members share experiences, discuss growth strategies, and collectively amplify their artistic practices. Join us as we infuse the neighborhood with the vibrancy of art, creating, inspiring, and connecting within our dynamic space.

Tiffany Guerrero

A family photographer. 


Bao Pham

Bao has been a local Houston artist and event coordinator for the past 12 year’s, and has made a name for himself traveling around the world as a graffiti muralist.


Houston’s very own Asain graffiti artist has put a mash up of stylistic fine art, mixed with spray paint as his roots are with graffiti.


His very distinct deconstructive portrait style often times can be derived from his personal reflections of psychology, or philosophy on life’s meaning.


His current body of works has expressed a need to explore more contemporary yet urban styles of aerosol art. Contact:

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