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Veronica Cabrera


Veronica Cabrera-Moreno, also known as "Roni," is a Houston native and an ardent advocate for the arts, particularly within underserved communities. Her guiding principle, "Everything in life is art," reflects her deep understanding of the pervasive nature of creativity in daily life and its impact on well-being.

Raised by an artistic father, Roni discovered her passion for drawing and painting at a young age. Following the loss of her father, art became her means of heartfelt communication. Rooted in her Hispanic heritage, Roni infuses her work with mixed media elements and vibrant colors, exploring her identity through the lens of Indigenous culture alongside local groups.

Roni's artistic contributions extend beyond conventional spaces, adorning walls and locations that uplift the community. Yet, her most recognized role is as an arts advocate, earning accolades locally and nationally. In 2021, Roni received recognition on national television from Grammy award winner Kelly Clarkson, along with seed money to establish an Art Center in North Houston. This center, named "Art in the HEART," stands as a community hub for the arts, fueled by Roni's vision to enrich and engage.

Acknowledged as one of Houston's most fascinating individuals in 2021 by the Houston Chronicle, Roni's impact reverberates. The Mayor of Houston proclaimed May 28th, 2022, as "Art in the Heart Day," recognizing Roni's significant contribution to the city. Roni's murals and installations not only adorn spaces but also symbolize her lifelong commitment to community service, particularly in the realms of inner-city and intergenerational arts. Through her dedication, Roni has left an enduring mark on Houston's cultural landscape.

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