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Discover our vibrant art garden boasting over 200 feet of stunning walls, with rotating artists and a new public art exhibit every quarter. Stay connected for upcoming shows and the chance to participate as an artist in this colorful canvas of creativity!


Serenity Shade

We are working towards creating a space for residents and visitors to safely and comfortably experience the art while shaded by colorfully designed shade sails. 

Shade sail_edited.jpg


Welcome to our enchanting art garden, not only a haven for creativity but also a buzzing home to a pollinator garden! We're cultivating a space where herbs for teas and homeopathic delights will soon flourish. Join us in this green adventure—whether you want to lend a green thumb or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere, contact us to get involved or just drop by for a visit! 


Upcycle Sculptures

The garden will also be used as a space to address issues such as illegal dumping in Houston. We aim to educate and inspire the community through upcycle workshops.

upcycle art.jpg
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